Morgan Daniel

Daniel Morgan

Senior Software Engineer

Name:Daniel Morgan

Web Development

2017 - present

Saferide Health

Lead Fullstack Engineer
  • Built ReactJS Web Applications for custom Scheduling CMS
  • Created live user chat using ReactJS and sockets
  • Authored custom logistics algorithms using Google ORTools in Python
  • 2017 - 2017

    Senior Backend Engineer
  • Maintained API Gateway using GraphQL and microservices
  • Created NodeJS APIs for ReactJS Front-end
  • Unit Testing to increase code coverage
  • 2014 - 2017

    CrowdGather Inc.

    Senior Software Engineer
    • Large forum platform development
    • Continuous workflow environment
    • Maintain legacy code-base
    2012 - 2013


    Lead Web Developer
    • Custom Woocommerce design and development
    • Designed and developed intricate custom eCommerce plugins and themes
    • Custom API Mashing
    • Built responsive mobile eCommerce applications
    2011 - 2012

    Lead Software Developer
    • Big Data Online Application Development
    • Developed restaurant search engine
    • Spidered restaurant menus into large database
    • Data aggregation, management, modelling, and presentation.
    • Build subscription based billing platform
    2002 - 2011

    Narconon of Southern California

    Web Developer
    • Server Administration – Maintained and administrated web, email, and database servers
    • Internal Support – Built and maintained distributed CRM system
    • Web Development – Designed, developed, and maintained hundreds of fully SEO’d websites that maintained top ranking on targeted keywords.
    2000 - 2002

    Web Developer
    • Established Internet Service Provider
    • Flash animation
    • Creating and hosting websites
    • Programmed payout matrix for MLM company
    1998 - 2000


    Web Developer
    • Helped establish Internet Service Provider
    • Created online customer management software using PHP 3.0/MSSQL to do live integration with Qmail, Radius, Named, and other services.

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